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Our company

Bording LTD. is a wood supply and manufacturing company located in North Macedonia. We export raw wood material and wood products worldwide for different industries and factories.


Years of experience


Our company has the largest production of massive wood products in the state, processing mostly beech and walnut wood with high quality. All the products are manufactured on request and according to the customer required measurements. You can find a variety of raw materials and wood products such as beech lumber, wood elements, wood mouldings, wooden beams, panels in different sizes, rotary cut beech veneer and more, modified upon request.

The facility

BORDING has been operating since 1993 in the field of wood production and wood export and import. The company’s factory is located in Vinica, Macedonia and it processes around 15.000 m3 logs a year, with the help of 250 employees. It comprises around 65.000 m2 production plants and working area and it is mainly export oriented, delivering to Europe and Asia.

Our main goal is following world trends in woodworking and adapting to demanding markets. 

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Want to find out more or get a quote? Please contact us directly on +38970213217, WhatsApp or Viber.